SLBC has initiated a program for those who are interested in having a Bible College at their Church.

If you would like to have a Bible College or Institute at your Church you can now do so even if you don't have the time to prepare lessons and teach the classes or have others who can help teach them to your students.  This is possible through our Video College program.

To use this program all you have to have is a room for students to set and watch the videos, live if scheduling and time differences between your area and our campus in Salt Lake City are not a problem, or direct from our site Archives which are available 24/7.

The program is simple.

How to set up and operate the college:
Chose a room in which the students will study.
Have high-speed Internet installed.
Install a large computer monitor, a video projector, or a TV, connected to a computer which is connected to the Internet.
Appoint someone to act as a Class Monitor to oversee the students as they study.
Set up tables or desks for the students.
Download any required textbooks and/or workbooks from our website and make them available to the students.
Set a schedule for the classes to be studied.
Access our Video College website at and show it on the computer monitor, video projector, or TV.
Play the video of the course lesson you want the students to study.
Have them follow along in the textbook and/or workbook for that particular course and lesson.
Have the students take any required tests online at our website or compose your own tests for the courses.
Download our TRANSCRIPT and GRADES FORM and record each student's test scores on a separate copy.  Send an updated copy for each student at the completion of each course.  Update the same copy and send it, do not use a new one each time.
Have the Class Monitor keep attendance records for the students.
     Submit those records to SLBC when you send the Transcript and Grades Form. (#12 above)
Advise us when a student completes the requirements for any Certificate or Degree and we will issue them from our office.
      Send us an email with the student's name, the name of the certificate or degree earned, and we will email the certificate or degree to you and, as stated on our Degrees Offered page, we will also send a hard-copy if appropriate.
Your students can have the privilege, if they so choose, of walking the isle at our yearly Graduation at Bible Baptist Church in Taylorsville, UT.
    Alternatively, you can have your own Graduation in your Church with you officiating.  Or, if you request, we will send a representative to present the Certificates or Degrees to the students on behalf of SLBC.  Travel expenses and lodging required.  It is your choice how you want to handle the graduation of your students.
16. Video Conferencing:  Should you want to hold a question and answer period from time to time or have a representative of SLBC address your students for any of various reasons, a video conference can be set up for a live session with mutual participation by both the SLBC rep and your students.  Such a session can be set up for a time convenient both for you and your students and the representative from SLBC.
17. Questions from you or your students can be emailed to us at any time.  Answers will be sent back to you, or your students, in a timely manner.  Send questions to 

COST for the Program:
Each of your students pays $50.00 USD per month.
2. Your school keeps $10.00 of the fee from each student to pay for Internet access and other costs involved.
The remaining $40.00 per student is sent to SLBC on a monthly basis.
     This can be sent as a check or through PayPal.  PayPal is the easiest way to remit these funds.
There are no other costs involved for the students or for your school.
5. If a student cannot afford the $50.00 per month fee because of financial hardship, upon your recommendation we will gladly grant a Waiver to that student.  We do not want finances to prevent anyone from studying the Word of God.

We pray this Program will be a help to you as you teach the Word of God to all who want to study it at your Church at a deeper level.  The courses are simple, yet thorough.  They are presented in a way that will allow all of your members, from the newly saved to the spiritually mature, to better understand the Word of God.  The courses will also help them learn how to navigate the complexities of the Christian life in a biblical manner through the utilization of the power of the Holy Spirit that God placed within them at Salvation who will help them understand and learn biblical principles for living and serving.

If you want to register for this program or if you need more information, please contact me.
phone: 801-964-0763

May God bless abundantly as you serve Him.

Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk
President, Salt Lake Baptist College/Salt Lake Bible College